Highlights of Melton: Sightseeing and Food

Stocksy_txpb6871e6aV8l000_Small_798406-600x300Melton Mowbray town is situated in Leicestershire Country, United Kingdom. It is famous for its local and own produce-Stilton Cheese and pork pies. It is a popular market town with several towns situated closely.

It is located by River Eye and River Wreake. Its culinary specialities are highly famous and it is referred as ‘rustic capital of food.’

IMG_3965-300x300Stilton cheese is produced near Melton Mowbray. Stilton is the name of a village and it has got the name Stilton Cheese. Though it is not produced there, it is marketed in Stilton. It is sold to visitors along Great North Road. Authentic Melton pork pies are made using special hand raising procedure. You can easily purchase authentic pie at Nottingham Street’s ye olde pork pie shoppe. It has won award in the year 2008. It has a protected geographical indication position.

There are approximately twenty-eight ancient monuments and more than seven hundred buildings in Melton Mowbray with historical importance.

Grantham Canal is place of wreck navigation. It has remains of windmill sites, smelting pots and ironstone working. Melton Mowbray has remained as a market for more than one thousand years. Its residents know the status of the city since 1086. Domesday Book has mentioned that there were more than two hundred individuals permanently settled in Melton Mowbray. In simple words, it is the finest and third oldest town in England.

There are several buildings surrounding Melton Mowbray Market Place. It includes Nottingham Street, King Street, Sherrard Street and Church Lane with ancient foundations. Melton Mowbray town was famous for fox hunting.

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Holwell Nature Reserves in Melton Mowbray

21391387769_e543354590Brown’s North Quarry and Hill Quarry are regionally significant geological sites. The Trust owns the reserve. It covers around 16.4 ha. The south-east region of Holwell village was initially mined for constructing stone. Hill Quarry of Brown remained in survival since 1815. In the year 1918, mining was resumed and it was continued till 1933. The company started to function the mine with corridors based on pillar and stall method.

Habitats including spoil heaps, slopes and bare rock face occupied by the herb-rich grassland. It is an area of combined woodland that was planted in 1930’s. The management mainly concentrates on the reserve and maintenance of the rich open parkland by avoiding scrub encroachment. Prevailing grasses like torgrass are controlled to avoid them from obliging out of the subtle herbs.

marbled_white_at_BOQ_2014_AL_cropped.jpg.300x300_q85_crop_upscale_F3YqBp7.jpg.300x300_q85_crop_upscaleThe geological attention at Hill Quarry of Brown consists of an outstanding exposure of Upper Lias Paper Shales and Middle Lias Marlstone. Quarrying has left nutrient-poor, shallow and lime-rich soils offering suitable conditions for several species of wildflower that includes both common spotted orchids and bee orchids. Prick St. Johns-wort, tiny hare’s foot clover, viper’s bugloss and meadow vetchling add to rich diversity.

Moreover, the reserve encourages important inhabitants of green hairstreak butterflies and dingy skipper along with large collection of common blue that feeds on common foot trefoil of birds. You can see the entrance of old mine tunnels exactly from the reserve. The fissured pillars of the tunnels and constant temperature remain suitable settings for the bats.

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Melton Mowbray Artisan Cheese Fair

cheese-fair-mainMelton Mowbray is popular for its fine drinks and food. It is a town with excellent local food producers. It is visited by several people around the world especially for Melton Mowbray Food Festival, largest Artisan Cheese Exhibition and Great British Pie Awards. Melton Mowbray remains perfect to its nickname ‘pastoral capital of food’.

There are lot of places to drink, eat and experience drink and food in Melton Mowbray. It houses the most popular Dickinson and Morris manufacturers of great pork pie. Melton Cheeseboard is the area where you can purchase and taste local cheeses along with quaint coffee serving outdated cream teas and bistros serving native produce, restaurants and pubs.

d2f31eb5529cd41427e62208c1fad0e5Artisan Cheese Fair takes place in a grand manner. It is organized on Saturday and Sunday. It takes place between 10.00 AM and 4.00 PM. The program is started by tasting cheese session. It is a beginner’s guide. It is an informal guide that helps the participants and guests to understand cheese. It is followed by cheese history session. It is an amusing informal tale. The producers show how to cook with cheese. The demonstration will help the audience to learn about cheese and usage of cheese in cooking and baking.

Following this session, the producers will teach how to produce cheese at home. It is an interesting program where participants can enjoy learning cheese making art. Cheese makers and non-cheese makers are the main exhibitors in this cheese fair.

Artisan cheese awards will be given to small cheese maker to appreciate their skill and craft. It is given to cheese makers who produce less than two hundred and fifty tonnes of cheese every year.

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Twinlakes Theme Park in Melton Mowbray

twinlakes-3Twinlakes Theme park is a famous family outing spot in Melton Mowbray. It is packed with lots of entertaining and breathtakingrange of attractions, family rides, animals along with a water park. It is the largest theme park in the United Kingdom. It occupies an area of seventy acres in the midst of glorious countryside. You will find unlimited play zones and action packed activities in the theme park. The indoors rides and attractions occupy almost 125,000 square feet space. It is suitable for all weather conditions and opens all throughout the year. It is open from 10.00 AM.

It is few minutes from the A607 North/East side of Melton Mowbray. It is simple to find. The sign post will be brown in colour. The car parking is free. It is huge and can accommodate thousands of cars.

209When you enter the theme on quiet day, you will not find large queues. If you have pre-booked tickets, you can directly head to the entrance. Several people purchase annual purchases and the queues were moving slow. Ticket booth staff was helpful and friendly. They will pass a map after checking your tickets.

Twinlakes Theme park consists of several outdoor and indoor play equipment, animal attractions and rides.

Some of the popular games in the park include Action USA Zone, Excalibur Adventure Zone, Au Guang Dragon Zone, Phoenix Bird of Prey Centre, Creepy Critters Zone, Red Rooster Zoo Farm, Buccaneers Island Zone, Labyrinth Venture Zone, Canada Quays Zone and Blooming Marvellous.

Ensure to indulge in the Jester’s Revenge ride.

Explore Melton Mowbray on Horseback

bali-horse-riding-04Horse riding is an interesting and enjoyable activity on vacations. Not all people are experienced in horse riding. However, you can choose places where training or assistance is offered. Some people ride few days in a year, once in a year or ride regularly at their schools. Pony Club members and experienced riders know what to look when planning to ride. They would see whether the horse tack and equipment is safe.

You have plenty of horse riding options in Melton Mowbray. There are several schools and centres that encourage and training horse riding. If you are on a trip to Melton Mowbray, ensure to experience horse riding.

ride-and-glide-kauai1-300x300If you are riding in Leicestershire and beyond regions, you can cover more than 1000 square miles. It is a beautiful English countryside along with stately homes, castles, market towns and picturesque stone villages. The riding centres will provide miles along toll rides, permissive routes and off-road bridleways. Horse riding offers a fabulous option to explore Melton Mowbray area.

Natural England/DEFRA rides: These are free bridle paths possessed by farmers and landowners to make use of EU stewardship policies.

Witham Villa Horse Riding Centre: It is a British Riding Club centre and Pony Club. It facilitates nonpony or house owners to improve and learn riding skills. It helps the individuals to learn to a certain level of standard. Interested riders from four years age group can participate. It is open for all ability levels. They will offer free boot hire and hat for the first session.

Some facilities included in the riding centre are large indoor school, viewing gallery, show jumping paddock, BS accepted show jumps and Cross Country school fences. The staff members are ABRS and BHS qualified. The horse riding centre has British Dressage Approved trainer and visiting international and national trainers for XC, jumping and dressage clinics.

Guided Walks and Walking in Melton Mowbray

walking_sm_for_pageIf you want to explore the real beauty and surroundings of Melton Mowbray, you need to move out towards fresh air, relax and appreciate nature. There are several parks in Leicestershire like Bradgate Country Park where you can see the remains of childhood residence of folly Old John and Lady Jane Grey, Victoria Park, Abbey Park, Castle Greens or the Market Bosworth Country Park.

No matter you are striding between museums, strolling around historic town or longwinded in the wood, discovering your way by foot is the best form to relax. This way, you can meet new people and discover new places.

Walking Legends Guided Walks_68C50570-E5B2-11E5-894F0296D8AD441FOne of the best ways to explore Leicestershire is by foot. The majority of attractions and sights are within limited stroll. Several city centre streets are non-vehicular. Do you want to experience a green and clean city? You need to head to Leicestershire’s open spaces and parks. It is a beautiful countryside with numerous country parks along with mile of wildlife and plants and walking opportunities to find your route.

Bagworth Heath Country Park: It is a 75-hectare country park. It was changed from Desford Colliery’s scarred industrial landscape into an appreciated recreational resource. Leicestershire County Council owns and manages the park. Bagworth Heath Country Park consists of ponds, lakes, heathland, grassland and woodland. There is a setup of surfaced paths and grass throughout providing relaxed walks through extensive views and varied habitats. There is a multi-use surfaced path that is almost one kilometre. It remains as the best spot for cyclists and horse riders.

Beacon Hill Country Park: Enjoy open heathland, woodland walks and magnificent views. Discover several unique wooden sculptures and rhododendron labyrinth. Learn how cattle assist in maintaining the heathland and sheep is protected by alpacas. There is children’s play area recently constructed close to lower car park. You can enjoy the log train and hazel maze in Natural Play Area.