Personal Growth

Personal development is a wide and frequently used terminology for a continued process of personal change that extends to an overall improvement of the person's life. The key components of personal development can, for example, be growth in terms of self-awareness, construction and renewal of identity, development of personal strength and / or talent development, identification and development of potentials, improvement in one's personal life quality, the realization of dreams and fulfilment of aspirations, etc. See also self-realization.

Personal growth is often viewed as an ongoing process that continues throughout a lifetime of the individual, at a speed defined by the person's own want for personal development, or by external events, eg. in the form of personal crises that can provoke personal development.

In its basic form, the idea of ​​development and cultivation of one's own roots is far behind in the history of modern society. The ancient Greeks are, for example. known for the inscription "Know Yourself" over the Delphi Temple. In the field of psychology, the idea attaches particularly to Jungian psychology (see individuation ) and humanistic psychology (see, for example, Maslow's needs pyramid ), which considers personal development and growth as an individual inherent need or goal in life. In other parts of psychology, the concept of development has in particular been reserved for children's development towards the adult stage (see developmental psychology) and the effort has focused on repairing dysfunctionalities that have arisen in childhood or later in life.

The concept of personal development has gained widespread acceptance in the language and is used in many different contexts, for example. in connection with coaching, self-help literature, psychotherapy