About The South African Recovery Groups Forum

We are a collaborative and comprehensive directory of all rehabilitative services and groups with the single-minded vision of assisting individuals on their pathway towards recovery by creating cohesion and support. Our mandate is simple. To create ready access to addiction recovery resources for wider communities in South Africa. The projects initiated by this group include privately funded outreach, data capture and logging and cost-efficient services to South African's struggling with addictions and or other mental health-related issues.

Recovery groups foundation includes members from Relapse Prevention Foundation (RPSA), South African National Addiction Psychology Professionals (SANAPP), Psychiatric Research Group (PRG), Recovery Direct Online in South Africa.

Our Executive Team Includes

Indox Data Management Services

Content curation consultant and communications outsourced document collection services.

Recovery Direct Online Therapy Programme

Director of online addiction recovery intervention specialist.

Doug Kemp Media & Communications

Addiction recovery and media expert consultant.